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Employment Opportunity: Senior Manager, Educational Development

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I’m pleased to announce that we have a new position available: “Senior Manager, Educational Development.” Since my position also leads our teaching and learning centre at this time, this position will be my right-hand person, be responsible for Teaching and Learning Commons’ team and operations, developing programs, providing consultations and working with faculty, staff, departments and senior administrators. (In other words, it’s akin to an Associate Director that reports to a Vice Provost). This is an excluded, administrative position with direct reports.

This position is suitable for someone who is interested in having a substantial role in advancing teaching, learning and scholarship at a teaching university and contributing to the development and implementation of an institutional strategy on teaching and learning and related plan. It’s an exciting time at KPU as we are establishing a new Centre, developing internal capacity, and striving to be leaders on a number of fronts.

Ad for the position
Job description & org chart

While the position will remain open until filled, review of applications will start on July 24.

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