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Invitation to Scholarly Activity Committee

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Balbir Gurm is sitting on the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC’s (FPSE) Professional and Scholarly Development Committee.  In order to represent as many voices as possible, Balbir has started a Scholarly Activity Committee that will provide advice to all stakeholders including the KFA and KPU. The committee would like to invite all departments to have representation on the committee. 

The information on the committee is below.  The committee will meet a minimum of 4 times per year and use technology so individuals from all campuses can participate. To join please send Balbir an email to Balbir.gurm@kpu.ca

Scholarly Activity Committee

The committee accepts Boyer’s Model of scholarship: teaching and learning, application, integration, creativity and discovery.

Purpose: to identify and assess the scholarly development needs of faculty, and promote means of enabling faculty individually and collectively to develop their own scholarly development activities. The Scholarly Activity Committee provides a forum for sharing information and creating space for scholarship.  As well, it will advise stakeholders on needs of faculty, resources and educational opportunities and ways to create equity in scholarship activities.

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